Videos - Avidyā Yoga Retreats
Yoga classes and retreats, organized by wellness expert, in Dubai and worldwide.
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Trauma Sensitive Practice

Experience a 15-minute trauma sensitive yoga session where the focus is on reunifying the self and reconnecting to the external world. Move with the intent to create and experience sensation (or no sensation) as we establish a sense of safety and support. The core elements of the session are breath, movement, and awareness. Use the video when you need grounding and self-regulation, also, in times of mind-storms, as it will create acceptance and reconnection to your true self.

Balance Flow

This 30-minute practice will make you feel focused and open. After warming up the body with Surya Namaskar A and B, we will explore one-legged standing poses, like Ardha Chandrasana, Garudasana and Virabhadrasana 3 variation. If you have more time and want to do a more balanced practice, you can start with the Kapalabhati Breathing and finish with the Restorative Practice video to fully relax your body and nervous system.

Restorative Practice

Use this practice after a Vinyasa Flow class or on its own, before bedtime. The poses are passively held – this is a great opportunity for us to relax completely. For this practice, you will need a bolster/big pillow or 2-3 blankets. Give this sweet relaxing treat to your body and mind as a regular gift.

Kapalabhati Breath / Shining Skull

This pranayama (breathwork) energizes and cleanses the body by pumping oxygen into the blood supply. In natural breathing, the inhalation is active, while the exhalation is passive. This is reversed in Kapalabhati breathing: the inhalations are active and the exhalations passive. Pay attention to the different sensations in your head during and after the breathwork. Stop the practice if you feel uncomfortable sensations in your head or body.

Short Vinyasa Flow Practice

A 20 minutes beginner flow yoga session that moves in the rhythm of your breath. Meditation in movement, this class includes Sun Salutations, standing asanas and restorative poses. This is a perfect balance to move your entire body and calm your nervous system. Finish with Savasana and ease into a relaxed state.

Meditation On Breath

During this short meditation practice, you will create a deep sense of connection to yourself and an internal feeling of calm. Return to this practice anytime you want to connect with the quietness within you.

Breathwork: Nadi Shodhana / Alternate Nostril Breathing

This short breathing exercise benefits your body as well as your mind. This alternate nostril breathing is a gift to your nervous system and relaxes your body and mind.


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