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Yoga classes and retreats, organized by wellness expert, in Dubai and worldwide.
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The Essential Mindfulness Retreat

With dramatic mountains to one side of you and the sparkling Indian Ocean to the front, Kingfisher Retreat is the ultimate location for a mindfulness journey in the UAE. Morning and afternoon activities include yoga, meditation, breath work, aromatherapy, journaling, Ayurvedic Routines, and more.

It is your first step to disconnect from stress and reconnect with yourself.

Kingfisher Retreat allows you to embrace your soul with nature. The arid island landscape, water, air, and wildlife create an awe-inspiring encounter on the east coast of Sharjah. The luxury retreat offers you a gateway to a unique world of conservation, the only one of its kind in the UAE. Ride the waves of enchantment as you engulf the Eastern winds. This natural retreat is the perfect place to slow down, breathe, and simply be.

Your accommodation features 1 extra-large king bed with plunge pool, patio, sea view over the Indian Ocean, and private entrance.

The chef will spoil us with healthy nutritious dishes – breakfast, lunch and dinner included. We can cater for additional dietary requirements upon prior request. Additional fee might apply.

Embark on a guided mindfulness weekend when we use tools, like meditation, breath work, yoga, free movement, and journaling to liberate our body and mind.

We will talk about Ayurvedic Practices and Routines, and how to make the best out of our busy everyday life. You don’t have to be an experienced yogi to enjoy this retreat. It is designed with those who are new to the practice in mind.

Schedule – Day 1

Upon arrival, Judit awaits to accompany you on the drive to your hotel.
After check-in and settling, continue the afternoon with introduction, and learn about yourself through journaling and relax your body in free movement.
As the sun sets, allow yourself to experience the subtle body by chakra flow yoga and breath work.
We close the day with a delicious dinner and yoga movie night.


Schedule – Day 2

As the day begins, we sit in morning meditation and use gratefulness practices, followed by grounding aroma flow yoga.
After breakfast, we talk about Ayurvedic practices and close the retreat. Once you had the final walk on the beach, Judit will bid you farewell.